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Managing Relationships Between Restaurants and Food Delivery Platforms: Conflict, Contracts, and Coordination, with A. Frazelle and R. Swinney. 2022. Forthcoming in Management Science



The Important Role of Time Limits when Consumers Choose Their Time in Service, with E. Segev. 2021. Forthcoming in Management Science

  • 3rd Place in the 2021 INFORMS Service Science Cluster Best Paper Award

  • 2022 Rothblum Award for Excellent Work in Operations Research

  • Received BSF Grant 2021-2023



Welfare Implications of Congestion Pricing: Evidence from SFpark, with J. Li and H.-T. Tsai. 2021. Published online in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

  • 2nd Place in the Public Sector Operations Research (PSOR) 2016 Best Paper Award Competition

  • Finalist in the 2016 Service Science Cluster Best Paper Award

Insincere Negotiation: Using the Negotiation Process to Pursue non-Agreement Motives, with K. Anand, P. Kang and M. Schweitzer. 2020. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 89: 103981


Becoming Strategic: Endogenous Consumer Time Preferences and Multiperiod Pricing, with A. Aflaki and R. Swinney. 2020. Operations Research  68(4), 1116-1131

Social Learning and the Design of ​New Experience Goods, with Y. Papanastasiou and E. Segev. 2019. Management Science 65(4), 1502-1519

Is Advance Selling Desirable with Competition?, with G. Cachon. 2017. Marketing Science 36(2), 195-213

Price Commitments with Strategic Consumers: Why it can be Optimal to Discount More Frequently... Than Optimal, with G. Cachon. 2015. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 17(3), 399-410​


Previous version titled: Dynamic vs Static Pricing in the Presence of Strategic Consumers

Service Systems with Slowdowns: Potential Failures and Proposed Solutions, with J. Dong and G. Yom-Tov. 2015. Operations Research 63(2), 305-324 

Selected for presentation at the M&SOM Service SiG 2014 Conference, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Pricing Services Subject to Congestion: Charge Per-Use Fees or Sell Subscriptions, with G. Cachon. 2011. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 13(2), 244-260

Cost Estimation in a Finite Capacity Environment, with A. Shtub. 2006. International Journal of Production Research 44(2), 305-327


Why Facilitate Ticket Exchanges and Other Reselling Markets: Pricing Capacity and Recourse Strategies, with G. Cachon

Previous version titled: Pricing Capacity and Recourse strategies: Facilitate Reselling, Offer Refunds, or Overbook?

Selling Capacity Over Time when the Firm is Uncertain of what Customers Know, with G. Cachon

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